At a time when reproductive rights are under threat, we can't trust politicians like Joe Flood to protect a woman's right to choose. He's running to join the same extreme Republican party bosses in the State House who are pushing a six-week abortion ban -- well before many women even know they're pregnant. In addition, Joe Flood is bought and paid for by the same Republican party bosses who have made Harrisburg a gridlocked, ineffective and hyper-partisan mess. Republican party bosses, who have made almost all of Flood's campaign contributions, are counting on him to be another empty suit voting the party line. We deserve better than Joe Flood.

Nick Fountain has been a consistent supporter of ultra-conservative politicians and organizations that ban a woman's right to safe, legal abortions. With Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, state legislatures may get the power to severely restrict access to legal abortion, and we can't risk more anti-choice extremists like Fountain. In addition, Fountain is on the record saying he wants to completely eliminate the main source of funding for public schools across Pennsylvania, but he has proposed no way to fill the massive hole this would create in our children's schools and classrooms. Pennsylvanians can't afford Nick Fountain. 

Andrew Lewis would join Republican party bosses in Harrisburg who will do whatever the gun lobby tells them to do. They’re blocking votes on bills to expand background checks for gun sales and ban bump stocks. They even tried to go further and eliminate the state’s background checks for all gun sales. In addition, at a time when many school districts are barely getting by, Andrew Lewis would join Republican party bosses in Harrisburg who helped former Gov. Corbett cut $1 billion from our schools. Lewis’s allies now support a funding formula that forces many poor and rural neighborhoods to raise property taxes and cut school programs. Pennsylvanians can’t afford Andrew Lewis.

Amber Little-Turner is a typical politician who’s in it for herself. She was a registered Democrat until 2013, when she abruptly switched parties to work for a Republican politician in Harrisburg. She claims to be a bipartisan moderate, but she’s really just another typical politician who will do anything to get elected. In addition, Little-Turner takes big campaign cash from Republican insiders in Harrisburg who get it from health care industry lobbyists and the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, the same groups who are responsible for sky-high premiums and expensive prescription drugs. They’re trying to bring us back to the days when insurance companies could charge more or deny coverage for Pennsylvanians with pre- existing conditions. Pennsylvanians can’t afford Amber Little-Turner.

Duane Milne consistently votes with the gun lobby. Milne voted to let the NRA and other pro-gun groups sue local governments that pass gun safety laws with which the gun lobby disagrees, and he voted for a so-called "stand your ground" law, which is backed by the gun lobby and makes it easier for people to use deadly force in confrontations. In addition, Pennsylvania is the only state that does not have a severance tax on natural gas, and Duane Milne voted against taxing the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of natural gas that the drillers extract here each year. Instead, Milne voted to remove local control of drilling and pad the profits of big drillers. Pennsylvania communities can’t afford Duane Milne.

At a time when too many school districts are barely getting by, Lori Mizgorski would join Republicans who want to slash education funding, just like when they helped former Gov. Corbett cut $1 billion from our schools. Her Republican party bosses also support a funding formula that forces many poor and rural neighborhoods to raise property taxes and cut school programs. Pennsylvania families can’t afford Lori Mizgorski.

State Rep. Tom Quigley is too busy looking out for the interests of big business to look out for Montgomery County families. His employer was accused of discriminatory employment practices and cheating employees out of hard-earned overtime. Quigley also voted to support the bottom line of predatory payday lenders, who regularly take advantage of senior citizens and veterans by charging interest rates in excess of 1000%, and he voted to strip funding away from local public schools in Montgomery County and send that funding to private and for-profit schools, including unaccountable online charter schools. What’s more, Quigley voted for and took campaign contributions from Republican Speaker of the House Mike Turzai who backed deep education cuts. Pennsylvania families can’t afford Tom Quigley.

State Rep. Eric Roe has taken thousands of campaign dollars from big energy special interest slush funds, and he voted against requiring energy companies to pay their fair share in taxes. In addition, Roe has consistently voted to restrict a woman’s right to safe, legal abortions, and even voted to ban abortions after 20 weeks even in the case of rape or incest.  With Roe v. Wade in jeopardy, legal observers expect a more conservative court to give state legislatures the power to severely restrict access to a legal abortion. Electing pro-choice legislatures may be the only safety net we have to protecting a woman’s right to choose in PA. Pennsylvania can’t afford Eric Roe.